The Athlete Mindset and Why I Became a Sports Nutritionist


This originally appeared on my instagram page in 2019 (see original below); however I decided to re-post on here after being inspired by Teddy Bridgewater (NFL athlete). This one is for all of the athletes who realized that it’s more than just a sport . I see you and I, too, believe in you. 

People often ask “why sports nutrition? What made you want to become a sports performance dietitian?”

To be honest, I didn’t know why in the beginning. I loved working with athletes and connecting with them. There was always something special about them.

And then I realized what it was…

I had found my people.

Growing up, I never considered myself an athlete. I played sports here and there but I didn’t truly fall in love with movement until I was a teenager 

During high school, I lost someone extremely close to me and I found sports & movement as a way to cope and help me heal. In the evenings I would run up and down my father’s driveway for what seemed like hours trying to process what had happened. Trying to make sense of it all. Using the only tools that I had at the time – movement and music

Even today movement helps me process feelings and emotions. Mind and body flowing together. Becoming one.

After my first true heartbreak in college, I joined a club field hockey team (didn’t even know how to play) to help me fall in love with me again and grow from my heartache 

After college, I ran my first half marathon and fell in love with long distance running and then eventually strength training and yoga 

Sports are more than just a game — it’s what it does for us — mentally, physically and emotionally 

Do I consider myself an athlete now? Hell yeah. And you are too. If you move your body, you’re an athlete 

So back to the original question – “why sports performance nutrition?” 

Because being active has helped me in more ways than I can count. And when coupled with proper fueling [and meditation], it’s ?

The athlete mindset is like no other. It’s resilient. It’s determined. It’s inspiring.

To all of my fellow athletes, whether it’s  your profession or you’re a weekend warrior, I see you. Thank you for  your  determination in sport and in life – it’s on another level and it inspires me everyday.