Lauren Manganiello, MS, RD, CDN, ACE-CPT is a New York City-based media nutritionist, sports and performance registered dietitian, and fitness coach

She takes nutrition and fitness information and makes it easily relatable and understandable to the intended audience

Lauren, a media nutritionist based in New York City, is well-versed in many nutrition and fitness topics but her specialities include: sports nutritionweight managementPCOS/fertility/women’s healthnutrition and fitness for busy professionals, and corporate wellness

Her expertise as both a media nutritionist and fitness coach is sought after by many national publications,  including ShapeWomen’s HealthBusiness Insider, US News & World Report, Food NetworkMen’s JournalEat This Not That!Reader’s DigestMy Fitness Pal, LUVO Everyday Health, The List, What’s Good by Vitamin Shoppe and more. 

She often collaborates with brands and companies that share similar nutrition and fitness philosophies and goals. She believes in building and growing authentic relationships with businesses that she supports and who share similar values.

Through her media and brand work, Lauren aims to help others live a healthy, balanced life.  It’s easy for audiences to feel overwhelmed and confused with the enormous amount of nutrition and fitness information available today. Through media work and brand partnerships, Lauren aspires to make nutrition and fitness information easily understandable and relatable to her audience while also motivating them to build new, healthy habits related to food and fitness that work for them and their busy lifestyle.

Lauren is available for:

  • freelance features and column writing
  • corporate writing
  • content development
  • branded tv and radio segments
  • spokesperson and brand representation
  • desksides
  • press releases
  • satellite media and tours
  • broadcast, print and radio interviews
  • trade show representation

For Media Inquiries:


Phone (347) 979-3925

Check out below for articles that Lauren has been quoted in. For more detailed information on rates and services or a media kit, email or contact Lauren using the Contact Form below.


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