Fitness Coaching for Individuals or Small Groups

“The Hard Is What Makes It Great. Challenge Yourself. Make Yourself Proud…”

As a professional fitness coach and yoga teacher, my goal is not to give you the “toughest workout” so that you’re sore and unable to move the next day. My aim is to help you MOVE optimally. To feel stronger and better after each session. To feel empowered and energized throughout the day. To be proud of what you’ve built and excited for all that you will accomplish.

My clients focus on functional training while also incorporating a blend of different exercise techniques (strength training, cardio, yoga, etc.) to help you look AND feel your best. Because nutrition and fitness are such key components to our health, our sessions will often focus on both so that you can keep feeling and looking your best even after your workout.

Sessions can be conducted virtually or in-person if local (Greater New York City area).

What is it like to work with me? I offer fitness coaching packages that include:

  • a 15 minute complimentary phone session to discuss your goals & come up with an actionable program that works for you and your lifestyle
  • an initial consult session (in-person or via phone/skype) where we’ll dive deep into your habits, past medical history & goals so that I can customize a program to specifically meet your needs
  • follow-up sessions (in-person or via phone/skype) to keep you on track & reassess our action plan
  • continuous support in between sessions via email
  • customized actionable steps and a “toolkit” to make sure you reach your goals

Fitness Packages:

Single (one hour) sessions available

Packages of 10 (one hour) sessions available

Note: If you are not in the Greater New York City Area, fitness coaching will be conducted virtually

Schedule your 15 minute complimentary phone session to get started! Contact Me