Lauren Manganiello, MS, RD, CDN, CPT is a registered dietitian nutritionist & fitness professional in New York City

“The Secret Of Change Is Not To Focus All Your Energy On Fighting The Old But On Building The New…”

Growing up I was not a very athletic kid. In fact, I was overweight. Fast forward to high school when my parents encouraged me to take up a sport. Any sport. I just had to do something. I decided to join the tennis team.

At first, it was “okay”. I didn’t love it but I continued to show up.

As time went on, however, my mindset started to change. I began to enjoy tennis practice and even took up running (several years later I would run my first half marathon).

Not only did I start to see positive changes in my body but also in my mindset and life. Working out and “training” became empowering. The power to change had always been there. I just needed to focus my energy on building new lifestyle changes and the rest would follow.

Life is busy. Between building a successful career, maintaining a social life, getting enough sleep, staying fit and feeling confident and comfortable in our own bodies, it’s a challenge to workout and eat “right” while also keeping up with all of the latest health trends.

Trust me, I get it.

But lets make it easier for us. Lets get rid of that “overwhelming” feeling by changing your mindset and approach. Let me take the “guesswork” out of it for you.

Through individualized nutrition and fitness coaching, I aim to help you build new, healthy habits related to food and fitness that work for YOU…and your lifestyle changes and successes will follow, too.


It All Started When…

Lauren graduated from SUNY Binghamton with her Bachelor of Science in Integrative Neuroscience. After realizing that she wanted to help prevent disease, instead of treat it, she pursued her Master of Science in Nutrition at The Ohio State University and completed her dietetic internship at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.

Following graduation she completed a fellowship in oncology nutrition and joined the clinical nutrition team at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, specializing in cardiovascular disease and neurology.

She currently teaches as an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Family, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences at Queens College, City University of New York.

Lauren is an ACE certified personal trainer and has coached at top fitness centers in NYC. She is a certified functional strength coach (CFSC) and also holds certifications in pre/post-natal fitness, trigger point myofascial compression techniques and kettlebell level 1 athletics.

Lauren works as a spokesperson with brands and companies that align with her nutrition philosophy. She has been featured in a variety of media publications including Shape, Men’s Fitness, Reader’s Digest, Eat This Not That!, Vitamin Shoppe, The List, LUVO, My Fitness Pal, Everyday Health, Women’s Health, Food Network, and Greater New York Dietetic Association.

Through individualized nutrition and fitness coaching, Lauren’s aim is to help others live a healthy, balanced life.  She focuses on lifestyle changes and aims to motivate & inspire others.

Specialties include: sports nutrition, weight management, IBS/FODMAP, pre-diabetes/diabetes, PCOS/women’s health & worksite wellness.

In her spare time, Lauren loves to travel to new places, take an outdoor yoga class, and enjoy food & conversation around the dinner table with friends and family.

Professional Organizations

  • Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Dietetic Practice Group
  • Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetic Practice Group
  • American Council on Exercise