My #1 Tip for Weight Loss


“What’s your #1 tip for weight loss” is probably the question that I am asked most. While diet and exercise play a key role in meeting our weight loss goals, my #1 tip has nothing to do with either. And while sleep is also important for weight loss, that’s still not it.

It is something that most people would probably not expect, but it’s definitely becoming more popular. If you read any articles about “habits of successful people”, you will probably find that most of them are doing this as well, despite whether or not they’re trying to lose weight. And if it helps successful people reach their goals in their professional life, then it can help us reach our goals in our personal life too.

Do you know what it is? Take a guess. My #1 tip is….

Keeping a gratitude journal.

Yup. That’s it. Now you’re probably wondering what one has to do with the other. How can keeping a gratitude journal help me lose weight? Is it really that simple?

Well think about it. Our eating habits are usually connected to our emotions – whether we realize it or not. When we’re stressed, we tend to reach for sweets. Am I right? We often use food as a coping mechanism during stressful times – whether we feel stressed or not, it’s usually our “go-to”. By keeping a daily journal of things that we’re grateful for, we’re better able to cope with everyday stresses that may arise by acknowledging our stressors rather than reaching for dessert.

My journal is simple (it doesn’t have to be fancy or extravagant). I write in it for 5 minutes every morning after breakfast and 5 minutes every night before bed. It has become part of my morning and bedtime routines. It helps me start and end each and every day on a positive note.

We often take for granted the great and wonderful people and things that we have in our life so it’s the perfect opportunity to take a few moments to appreciate them. It’ll change our perspective and in return, calm our worries, anxieties and stresses – and therefore keep us from stress eating, overeating or even mindless eating.

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I hope you have a fabulous Sunday and great start to the week!

xo. L